By: Frank Polo

Image obtained from the Miami Herald. U.S Reps. Carlos Gimenez, Maria Elvira Salazar, y Mario Diaz-Balart, de izquierda a derecha.

To understand what I believe to be the connection between Maria Elvira, the Cuban Dictatorship, and the truth behind the formation of a commission to investigate the incidents of January 6, 2021, we must first understand what President Trump represents to the future of America.

President Trump came into America’s political history like the underdog, the person no one ever took seriously. Nevertheless, his message was what the American people were waiting for, for many years. President’s Trump message was the message of someone that wanted to unite the Republic and make the Republic “Great Again.” That was a message that did not resound well with either the Republican or Democrat in either party’s establishment. Nonetheless, it was a message that moved millions of people who aligned with his vision of a better America for all.

Why did his message of making “America Great Again” did not resound well with Republicans? Well, the Republican party has been under silent attack for many years. The world’s communist movements have silently infiltrated every inch of our Political System since years before the end of the communist system in the Soviet Union. Many people believe the Socialist block disappeared. When that belief may be partially right, it is not 100% right. The Soviet Union did disappear, but not their sophisticated espionage machinery.

Let’s go back in history for a minute. On December 26, 1991, the former Soviet Union ceased to exist. Nevertheless, the old members of the Russian Intelligence Services, better known as the KGB, silently became what we all know as the Russian Oligarchs. The Russian Oligarchs are those with extensive capital and power within Russia.

One clear and perfect example was Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev. He was an officer in the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence) of the Soviet Union′s KGB and later one of the KGB’s successor agencies, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). Suddenly, according to Forbes magazine, Lebedev was worth in early 2008 U.S. $ 3.1 billion. Forbes listed him as he was one of the golden 100 top Russian billionaires. Still, in 2012, Forbes was listing him as a billionaire with the U.S. $ 1.1 Billion. His fortune origins are unknown. However, it is not hard to imagine where his fortune may be coming from for those who lived under a communist regime. Communists engage in whatever while they are part of the dictatorship. Smuggling of drugs, people, and humans are some of those activities they engage in. Not surprisingly to anyone, Lebedev, owns, in Russia, 15% of Aeroflot (the national airline), National Reserve Corporation (NRC), and Novaya Gazeta, which is a Russian Newspaper. This person is a powerful force within Russia with a strong voice in national politics. But a more interesting fact about Mr. Lebedev’s business is that he owns two newspapers in the United Kingdom.

Not that I have evidence to talk about Lebedev’s fortune origins, but it does not seem to be clear where it may be coming from. Why would someone that lives in Russia want to have a Newspaper in the UK? Having two newspapers in the UK gives Lebedev political and influential power. This could be a form, not only to get into politics in a foreign country but to manipulate politics within the borders of one of the most important allies we have.

Many of Those Could, in fact, be Indirectly Financed by Cuba

As you may have noticed, there is a substantial number of Cuban digital newspapers popping up in Miami in the last 20 years. While no all of them, or at least I hope so, most of them are financed by the Cuban dictatorship. Nevertheless, the traditional meaning of financing does not apply to those newspapers. Erroneously, the Cuban diaspora has traditionally believed that the Cuban regime was taking money from all the figureheads they have in foreign countries and the U.S., and they were using the money to finance their decadent economy. That would be a great mistake and an easy way to follow the money, and easier to find out who those figureheads are.

No, the game has been different for more than 60 years. Those figureheads have retained their earning in the U.S., to serve their master from the United States of America and other countries. Therefore, when they need money to finance a rally to remove the embargo, the money does not have to come from outside the United States. When they need money to support a candidate, the money does not have to come from outside the United States, which is illegal. When they need to finance someone that just arrived to create a television show, the money does not have to come from outside the United States. While you were working to create a better future for your family with no time to get involved in politics, they were building this monster. That machinery is behind national and local politics.

Those of us who have lived under communism know that the Media is the essential tool that communist control, leaving no space for competition in that field. Let us remember one of the first steps of Fidel Castro nationalized in Cuba was the Radio and Television stations. Moreover, the communist realized the power of the internet from the beginning. Therefore, they have developed what is called cyber-guerrillas. Those are huge armies of influencers and people related to the news and the entertainment world. Those cyber-guerrillas are used to support the meddling with elections by supporting U.S. Candidates for election and manipulating opinions in social media. In the case of Cuba, part of the cyber-guerrilla’s operation remains in Havana, and another part remains in foreign countries like Canada and the U.S. The ones in the US, run the platform, and all the support, including followers and cyber-soldiers, stay in Havana.

There is where Donald J. Trump Jr. comes into play. Trump represents the defense of those values that this country lost. While we were busy working hard to provide for our families, the well-oiled machinery of Communism was growing tentacles into our institutions. Trump was a wake-up call to America. It was a wake-up call that threatened to destroy what the Communists had silently built in many years of infiltration. It is a natural reaction of communists to try to strike back as they did with Trump. Creating a commission to investigate the successes of January 6, 2021, was nothing else than a witch hunt.

Be aware! Like rats are the first fleeing a sinking ship, when the witch-hunting season arrives, the hunters must come out of hiding. This is not an exception to the rule. Keep an eye for them, and you will see them asking for more Gun Control, supporting their Sandinista ex-husband to become the Nicaraguan Puppet of Daniel Ortega, and more importantly, voting with Democrats to create January 6, 2021, commission. I didn’t say, Maria Elvira Salazar, did I?

Let us be honest … the events of January 6 were ugly, incorrect, improper, and probably even criminal. You can call it as many things as you want, but it was not an attempt to overthrow the U.S. President. History talks more than words. Let’s go back in history and find out what happened when the capital was truly attacked by enemies of our country. Let’s find out, also, how many commissions were created to investigate the successes.

On March 1, 1954, four Me Puerto Rican Americans fired guns in the House of Representatives. In that incident, they injured five congressmen. They were armed, unliked the people that participated in the January 6 incidents, and they kill congresspeople. Things that did not happen on January 6, 2021. But to make this more concerning, the four shooters received prison sentences. Nevertheless, a Democrat President, Jimmy Carter, commuted one of their sentences in 1977 and granted clemency to the other three in 1979. Congress did not ask for the creation of any commission to investigate the incidents.

About twenty years later, on March 1, 1971, a bomb was planted and exploded in the Capitol building. The explosion caused not injure to person but created about $300,000 in damages. A group calling itself the Weather Underground claimed to be the intellectual actors of the bombing. Like before, no congress did not create a commission to investigate the incidents.

On November 7, 1983, a bomb tore through the second floor of the Senate wing of the Capitol. Like in previous incidents, there was no one harmed, but it caused an estimated $250,000 in damages. A terrorist group calling itself the Armed Resistance Unit later claimed responsibility for the attack. Seven people were arrested later in connection with the attack but not commission to investigate was created.

Clearly, behind the creation of a commission was a witch-hunting to destroy Trump’s chance to become a president in 2024. Contrary to what many may think, the hand of international intelligence services is behind the insistence of Democrats, and some Republicans, to create the commission. Don’t allow Maria Elvira to lie to you when she said she voted because it was part of a negotiation. Like always, she is lying to your face. President Trump requested congresspeople to united and not to vote for a commission. Maybe, Maria Elvira had orders from Huston (Havana) to sink the ship by voting to create the commission and betray our president.

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