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Would You Like To Volunteer To Help Polo Fight For Our Community? Contact us and we will communicate with you.

    Our Volunteers

    Our Volunteers are people who believe in the need for a total and absolute change in our society to save our way of life. Only together we can make a difference and protect our great nation from communism. We are still on time to protect the United States.

    It’s a fact! Many corrupt & RINOs politicians have never represented us with dignity. In addition, they fight for their interest and not for the people’s interests. That is why Polo wants to change this once and for all. It is time for a change to protect our families, constitution, freedom, and traditional values. Polo offers you this change. Polo knows that change will not be possible without the help of our volunteers. Our volunteers are the key to the success of this campaign. Volunteers are more important than any money we can get.

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