As a consequence of the novel coronavirus outbreak and the policies the Biden administration put in place, our economy has suffered and will continue to suffer. We lost thousands of jobs, and some employers have even reduced the working hours of those employees they decided to retain. According to the Washington Post, more employees are working part-time than ever before for reasons beyond their control, which sends a signal of a possible slowing down in our economy. Therefore, our community needs new ideas on how to bring back full-time jobs and improve work conditions.

Taxing the Rich

The hard-working American people deserve to have a decent living wage. Nevertheless, taxing the rich is not the solution. Common sense dictates that if you tax the rich, they will pass along the cost of doing business to us. There is no doubt that in the end, we will end up paying more for products and services, as we are doing after the minimum wage was increased.

New Jobs Creation

Frank Polo will focus his legislative work on policies that incentivize bringing good-paying jobs to Florida. Frank will vote for/or promote policies that will benefit the Film industry’s incursion into the South Florida markets. We will encourage new filming productions and create and implement programs like those outlined hereunder to improve our local economy.

Job Creation in The Trucking Industry

The U.S. trucking industry is essential for the U.S. economy. This industry accounts for more than 5% of all the full-time jobs in America; nevertheless, South Florida’s truckers earn a lower than the national average wage for that profession. 

Improving Work Conditions in The Trucking Industry

The Trucking industry moves seventy-one percent of all the freight in America. Moreover, nearly five percent of all the full-time jobs in the country are in the trucking industry. Hence, Frank Polo’s office will promote or support a program that will bring better working conditions, remuneration, and benefits into the industry. Mr. Polo’s office will seek federal funding to incentivize nonprofit organizations in the industry to promote better pay and benefits.

The participating organizations will compete in the national trucking industry. Additionally, they will produce at a lower cost by cutting off the middleman and keeping in-house brokers. Also, these organizations will have to keep in-house dispatch and essential mechanical and body shop services. Those organizations accessing those funds will be contractually mandated to allocate their profits to provide better benefits to their members.

“Opportunity for the Youth and People over 50 Years Old” Program

Frank Polo will promote or support legislation approving additional funds allocated to training programs. Moreover, those programs will incentivize the incursion into new careers for young college dropouts, recent high school graduates, and people over 50 years of age. Any employment opportunity created by the aforementioned organizations would directly benefit the “Opportunity for the Youth and People over 50 Years Old” program. Moreover, the organizations will be contractually bound to facilitate hiring those adolescents and people over 50 participating in the previously named program.

Frank Polo will promote or support legislation to achieve transparency in economic transactions between shipping companies and brokers. Thereby, the truckers can make better decisions when accepting transporting cargo.

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