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A New Kind of Leadership. An Anticorruption Leader Fighting Against the Corruption in the Family Courts and in our Government. A Leader Who is a True Anti-Communist, one that Earned his Freedom. Polo Will Not Stop Fighting for All of us.

    The Issues

    • Dealing With Dictatorships
      Raul Castro’s resignation from power does not mean that communism has ended in Cuba. Neither does it mean that they will stop influencing the politic in the countries like Nicaragua
      “As a consequence of the novel coronavirus outbreak, our economy has suffered and will suffer more. We lost thousands of jobs, and some employers have even reduced the working hours
      There is no question in Frank Polo’s mind that reform is necessary for the healthcare sector. Nevertheless, we must understand that free healthcare without a tax increase is not possible. Therefore, the need for a balanced approach.
      Our youth are very in constant need of guidance, and our politicians, and society as a whole, have forgotten about them. I will encourage the creation of programs focused on helping our youth. Those programs will make our youth more productive, and they will receive the necessary on-the-Job Training to be ready to enter the workforce.

    Two Simple Choices

    “The Republican Party is Full of RINOs that Represent the Interest of the Democrats, and the Democrats are in a Dangerous Path Towards Communism. We Have two Choices. (1) We Seat and Do Nothing; or (2) We get involved in Making a Change for Good.”

    We can Change That Today. But, I Can’t do this Without Your Help. Donate Today, to Have a Real Republican Representing you in U.S. Congress.

    Frank Polo
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    From time to time we involve in activities to help our community. With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

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