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Politics do not belong in the military, and no politician should ever doubt about supporting the men and women who sacrifice everything to preserve our freedoms.  Having a superior and ready military prevents wars. Peace through strength is the best way to prevent never-ending military incursion into conflict areas. Our primary focus should be military readiness and superiority concerning countries like China and Russia not imposing CRT and gender politics on our brave soldiers.

Our brave men and women stand against tyranny in the name of freedom every day and do not deserve to experience tyrannical imposition of political doctrines from those that they are defending. Our soldiers sacrifice their own freedom for the freedom of all of us in America; consequently, we must do a far better job standing and providing for our veterans here at home!

“We know only too well that war comes not when the forces of freedom are strong, but when they are weak. It is then that tyrants are tempted.”

Ronald Reagan, Republican National Convention,       July 17 1980

“We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.”

Ronald Reagan

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.”

George Washington

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