Maria Elvira Salazar. Is This More of the Same?

Maria Elvira Salazar & The Family Reunification. Is it More of the Same?
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On April 20, 2021, Maria Elvira Salazar and Mario Diaz-Balart presented in Miami a proposal to introduce a bill in Congress that would jump-start the Federal program that helps Cuban families reunify. The plan proposes resuming consular services on the island from Guantánamo Bay. Seemly, they took this action to silence a group of Cuban residents and American Citizens who asked Maria Elvira to make good on her campaign promise to help them with family reunification. Those complaints on Twitter forced Maria Elvira and Mario to put out this proposal that seems more like a joke than a serious proposition. Let’s discuss why this proposal is nothing else than another of the lies of Maria Elvira Salazar.

Why Maria Elvira is Not Honest to us.

There are multiple reasons that make me believe that this reunification plan is just a bogus attempt to distract people from the real problem, reunification.

First, I don’t believe that Maria Elvira would do something the Cuban dictatorship doesn’t want her to do, and history shows this. Second, the proposition is far away from being reasonable or even plausible. Lastly, the intricate process of accomplishing such a proposal makes the process slower, and it may even take years until it becomes law.

The Value of Campaign Promises to Maria Elvira

False promises seem to be the hallmark of Maria Elvira’s personality. During her campaign in 2020, Maria Elvira Salazar promised voters that if they were to donate 5 dollars she was making sure to fight in Congress for the Cuban family’s reunification. Nevertheless, after multiple months of daily petitions to the congresswoman, Maria Elvira was still ignoring her promise and those petitions.

In this video found on media, Maria Elvira Salazar asks for 5 dollars to help her get to Congress. In the video, she said that in exchange she would become the voice of those families. Even when I hope our congresspeople are serious about helping those families, I am still skeptical about their goodwill.

Would Maria Elvira do Something That The Cuban Dictators Would Not Approve?

I always believed that Family Reunification is essential to all immigrants who escaped a Communist regime. But, we must be clear that we will never achieve this with Castro’s puppet as an intermediary unless the Cuban embassy is opened in Havana, which is what the Cuban dictators are looking for. Therefore, as soon as I heard the plan, I got the feeling that I was walking into one more of Maria Elvira’s daily shows, like those she hosts on Twitter every day. Granted, Maria Elvira has histrionic skills like no other, especially when it comes to lying to people. Let us remember that this is the same Maria Elvira Salazar who called the murderer of Fidel Castro “comandante.” During the same interview, Maria Elvira calls Castro a “Revolutionary for Excellence.” Moreover, she also used to contemptuously talk about the Cuban community which now she says to defend and love.

Moreover, she was the one honored and privileged to have the DNA of Che Guevara next to her. Nevertheless, when it was time to run for congress, the anticommunist by excellence. Of course, all this with the support of the Cuban official newspaper Granma. The official Communist Party’s newspaper has continuously uplifted the decadent image of Maria Elvira. But, why would Granma insist on painting Maria Elvira and other influences in Miami as the real anti-communist? As we know, and the dictatorship knows, even bad advertising is good advertising. This is true, especially if the advertising is painting you as an anticommunist and enemy of the Cuban dictator. The Dictatorship knows that, but they need to enhance the figure of these people in front of Miami’s community. Moreover, what is Maria Elvira’s obsession with being an anti-communist when we all know she is not?

I think the answer to those questions does not take too much thinking.

Is This a Reasonable Plan, or Just a Silencer for Those Raising Their Voice and Demanding Solutions?

What is behind the propagandistic “bipartisan bill” that Maria Elvira wants to introduce in Congress? I believe that this is nothing else than a way to silence those claiming that Maria Elvira has betrayed them. She knows Congress is predominantly a Democrat. In a predominantly Democrat congress, Republicans always have a hard time passing laws. Therefore, she knows that approving such a proposal would take many months, if not years.

Moreover, she knows that Cuba would never accept anything else but the opening of the Cuban Embassy in Havana. Cuba will not allow family reunification to occur at GITMO. If that were to happen, they would have no humanitarian argument to ask for the reopening of the Cuban embassy.

Additionally, the law’s approval process is difficult. Some bills, depending on the interest of Congress, receive streamlined processing before others. I don’t honestly think the issue of Cuban family reunification is a bill that the House will want to prioritize.

But, What is the Process to Create a Laws?

The law creation process is as follows:
The Laws are initially some representative’s ideas. The representative (the bill’s sponsor) puts forward those ideas. They send the bill to a committee for study. If the committee releases the bill, then the bill goes onto a calendar for voting, debating, or amending it. If the bill passes by a simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate.

In the Senate, the process begins again. Another committee receives the bill and, if they release the bill, it goes to a debate and voting. Once more, a simple majority (51 of 100) passes the bill. Assuming that the Republicans don’t want the bill to pass, they must use the filibuster. The Democrats can prevent this from happening only if the Democrats have the 60 votes needed to circumvent the filibuster.

This is Just the Beginning.

Later, a bipartisan senatorial conference committee works out any differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The resulting bill returns to the House and Senate for final approval. The Government Printing Office prints the revised project in a process called enrolling.

Finally, the President has 10 days to sign or veto the enrolled bill. The president does not have the choice to remove or add things to it. He must either sign it all or veto it all. So, there are a few last questions for us to answer. How come, Maria Elvira still has the nerve to call the press and engage in such a deceitful act? Like I always say, I hope I was mistaken, and she does what is just proper and necessary.

In other words, the next election cycle may come while Maria Elvira is still sitting on the bill. I hope this is not what she is planning, but it seems like it.

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