Immigration Policies

“As an immigrant who came from Cuba on a raft, I understand the immigration challenges our people endures. I also understand the need for our immigration policies that reflect the reality of our times. Moreover, I understand the pain that immigrants have to go through when they must abandon their countries. In many cases, this immigration is not voluntary, but a forced one. This kind of migration is, in many cases, involuntary and caused by dictatorial regimes. Many of us don’t migrate for the economic situation of our countries. We migrate for the persecution and hostility we have to suffer in our own countries. Many of us suffer the separation from our house, families, and friends when we have no other choice than to migrate.

Immigration Policies Reform

I understand that immigrants have always been a source of enrichment of our culture, economy, and society in general. Millions of immigrants are in our country illegally and they need help to get a solution to their problem. Therefore, we must direct our immigration policies at achieving a comprehensive reform of our immigration system. Consequently, my office will support a reform of the immigration system.

However, it is also true and imperative to have an ordered and controlled immigration system. There is no doubt in my mind that immigration reform is necessary, but we cannot afford to pay the price of implementing immigration reform without securing our borders. Therefore, we must secure our borders before contemplating a comprehensive immigration reform.

Policies for Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans

My office will support, at least provisionally, a visa program for Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, or any other individual who is seeking political asylum. They are victims of a totalitarian regime and deserve protection.

Moreover, I understand that the Cuban government trades their professionals as if they were merchandise. This is a form of modern slavery, which is unacceptable for me. Consequently, I will fight to reinstate the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program to ensure that those professionals receive a fair opportunity to migrate to obtain their freedom. The Obama administration terminated this program in 2017 when it should have never ended.

Additionally, I will work to streamline the Family Reunification Parole Program for U.S. Citizens and legal residents with virtual interviews without the need for a drastic increase in personnel. Lastly, I will pressure our sitting president to end the 20,000 visas that the Clinton administration granted to the Dictatorship in 1994. Cuban intelligence services agents use those visas to infiltrate our society. Then they stay operating within American soil without any restrictions. Therefore, our government must suspend those visas as soon as possible.

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