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I believe that when you have any pre-existing condition, you deserve truly affordable, quality healthcare. Additionally, no person should receive surprise bills for services that they received, but the healthcare provider decided not to pay.

The Commerce Clause in our constitution is intended to prevent states from impeding trade across their borders by using protectionist legislation. The U.S. Supreme Court in United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association (1944) ruled that insurance regulation was a federal responsibility. Nevertheless, the insurance industry successfully pressured Congress to enact the McCarran-Ferguson Act. That legislation delegated federal regulatory powers over insurance to the states, and protected state insurance regulations from pre-emption by federal law.

I will seek to remove the McCarran-Ferguson Act or amend it to the point in which the Federal government is enabled to allow fair competition among all the insurance companies in the Union.

It’s clear that, while the government cannot afford to pay a free health system without extremely raising our taxes, our health system needs reform to make this affordable.