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The day that we consent to be censored by our government we will have lost all right to think, speak, and act freely, which is a fundamental right protected by our constitution. We cannot tolerate Censorship in America. Polo will fight to prevent censorship from becoming the norm.

Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board (“Ministry of Truth”) was a governmental attempt to infringe on our right to free speech which must not be tolerated.
The First Amendment guarantees us the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to assemble peaceably, and the right to address our grievances with those we have yielded a limited amount of power.

We currently have rogue un-American elected officials who believe that coming after political enemies is fine so long as they have the power to do so. Some people within our institution believe that abusing their power is just fine and want us to accept such wrongful behavior as the norm. The current administration supports such erroneous behavior, and the administration appears to be determined to undermine our God-given freedoms.

Moreover, Social Media companies abused the status & protections afforded them by Section 230 to push the democrat agenda and narrative, seemingly targeting opposing voices to their selected narrative. Consequently, we must re-evaluate liability protection to protect the constitutional rights of every American citizen and prevent those companies from abusing the people’s constitutional rights.

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