Frank Polo: Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar Is A National Security Threat

Miami, FL – Today, Republican candidate Frank Polo condemned Maria Elvira Salazar for the national security threat that she poses to our constitutional republic.

Frank Polo made the following statement:

“RINO Maria Elvira Salazar supports open borders, voted for gun control, and wants a no-fly zone in Ukraine that would lead to a military conflict with Russia. While on Tucker Carlson’s show, RINO Salazar showed that her foreign policy views are dangerous. She proposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, while our own borders are undefended in a way that incites illegal immigration, human smuggling, and continued open border policies.

Before her election to the House of Representatives in 2020, RINO Salazar traveled to Cuba more than fifty times to open a press bureau in Havana with the help of Edmundo Garcia, a well-known admirer and supporter of Fidel Castro. Salazar also referred to evil dictator Fidel Castro as ‘Comandante’ and praised the communist terrorist Che Guevara.

RINO Maria Elvira Salazar is a national security threat and a liability. I am running in the Republican primary to ensure that the people of Florida’s 27th congressional district have a representative that stands up for our America First values, defends the Constitution of the United States, and holds the infiltrated Cuban, Venezuelan, and Nicaraguan communists to account.

I fled communist Cuba to the United States when I was twenty-three years old. I know first-hand the trials and suffering that take place under tyrannical regimes. If we do not take the United States back from the terrorist sympathizers, we will go down the same path as Cuba.”

Frank Polo

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