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America has always been known for having free and fair elections until now.  There is a common consensus among many Americans who believe the 2020 election was fraudulent and thus stolen. This should be unacceptable to any person who believes in freedom and our electoral system.  So long as we cannot say that our elections are secured, and perceived as secure, we will no longer be able to say we have a free and fair election system.

To secure our electoral process and restore public trust we must take the following steps.

  1. Require, at the state level, every voter to have and present a voter ID at the time of voting. The radical argument about voter suppression is insane and baseless. Democrats do not complain when we all have to present an ID to board an airplane, and they shouldn’t protest when we request the same for voting.
  2. We must stop the push of Democrats to federalize elections by removing the power of states to conduct, control, and regulate their elections.
  3. We must prevent fraudulent manipulation of computer software to alter election results.

By Federalizing elections, the Democrats want to:

  1. Have automatic and same-day voter registration;
  2. require the states to have a vote by mail and early voting;
  3. override state voter ID laws and
  4. establishing a new taxpayer-funded campaign ATM that would ensure certain candidates receive millions of dollars in federal taxpayer dollars.

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