Frank Polo: RINO’s Are Undermining Gov DeSantis

Miami, FL – Today, Republican congressional candidate Frank Polo praised Governor DeSantis for vetoing the maps proposed by the Florida Legislature.

Frank Polo made the following statement:

“The congressional maps proposed by Speaker Sprowls are weak and ensure the Democrats hold seats in the legislature that they otherwise would not have. It is the responsibility of the Republican leadership in the legislature to propose maps that guarantee as many Republican seats in Florida as possible.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed far-left gerrymandering on full display in states like Nevada, Illinois, and New York. We as Republicans, within the legal boundaries imposed by law, ought to fight back by drawing the lines that assure that we hold a sizeable majority of the seats come the swearing-in for the 118th Congress.

RINO Maria Elvira Salazar and many other congressmen from Florida have been silent on this issue. We need representatives with a backbone. Anthony Sabatini is the only state legislator that has stood up to Speaker Sprowls. If we had more Sabatini’s in the legislature, then we’d already have a sensible map brought to the Governor’s desk.

When I left Cuba in my early twenties, I came to the United States with hopes, dreams, and a yearning for liberty. I did not come here to watch fake Republicans acquiesce to the far-left Democrats on congressional maps that favor incumbents and the special interests that control them. I call on all Republicans in the Florida State Legislature to support Governor DeSantis and bring him a map that gives us more Republican seats for the next Congress.

Frank Polo is available for interviews. If interested, please email Michael Hernandez at or call him at (305) 209-7074. You can find more information on Polo’s campaign at

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