Frank Polo: “Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar Laughed at Our Latino Community With Her ‘Dignity Act.’”

Miami, FL – Today, Republican candidate Frank Polo condemned Maria Elvira Salazar for proposing an immigration reform that she knows would not go anywhere and will incentivize illegal immigration.

Frank Polo made the following statement:

“We, Republicans, believe that immigration reform is necessary, but we must produce a plan which stops illegal immigration once and for all and is in the best interest of America. Unlike Salazar’s proposal, my immigration proposal would not encourage immigrants to enter the country illegally and will make crossing the border illegally, a felony punishable with jail and permanent deportation.

The plan will also allow those immigrants who can prove they have been in the U.S. for at least three years, to obtain a temporary work permit. After that period of time, those with a consistent work history and clean criminal record will be eligible for an extension of three more years up to two times. After a third extension, they will receive a path to citizenship. Those who cannot show such a record will have to leave the country and reapply for legal admission from their country of origin. Those who don’t show such a record and decide to stay illegally in the country would be committing a felony punishable with jail and permanent deportation.

Maria Elvira’s proposal will give citizenship to people who have yet to even enter the United States, as long as they are willing to be taxed and pay a fee for staying in the country. My plan is solely for people who have already been in the country for at least three years, and anyone crossing the border illegally after the enactment of the Act would have committed a felony punishable with jail and permanent deportation.

Immigrants in Miami-Dade contribute immensely to our economy and improve the fabric of our society. Without immigration to FL-27, our congressional district would not have the rich culture that it has today. Therefore, we must help those who want to contribute to our society and are already here.

Frank Polo is available for interviews. If interested, please email Michael Hernandez at

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