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Frank E. Polo, Sr. Announces his Candidacy For the Florida Congressional District 27.

September 4, 2019. 

“After seen how our city has transformed into a political swamp, in which your political adversary attack you to destroy your career, reputation, and the livelihood of your family just for having a different political opinion, I had to seriously weight whether it was worthy of running for another political position as I did in 2018,” said Polo. “After consulting with multiple friends who knew what I stand for, my moral and character values,  those convinced me that the same way those in the political swamp tried to silence me, they would try to silence anyone who dares to denounce what is wrong in our city and the local politics.

As a rafter that escaped Cuba in search of freedom, I know the value of freedom, and I will truly represent those without a voice in the U.S. Congress. I have never expressed myself in favor of foreign forces’ operation in the United States who influence the local politics. Moreover, I have clearly and unambiguously expressed my desire to finish what is known as the “Cultural Exchange” with the Cuban government, that is something for which I am qualified by experience, education, and knowledge. Our battle is not a battle against one party or the other, it is against those who want to implement the obsolete ideology of socialism and those special interest groups that want to continue the failed politics of the Obama towards Cuba, Central, and South America under the disguised figured of fake conservative candidates.”  Download the Full PDF Here.