Vote for an America First Republican on August 23rd, Frank Polo for U.S. Congress.

Dear Voter:

The upcoming midterm elections (August 8 – August 23) are one of the most crucial elections in the history of this country and the whole world. We, as Americans, have the duty not only to get rid of Socialist Democrats but also of Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) who are destroying our party.

I am running to unseat one of the most dangerous RINOs, who vocally pretends to be an anti-communist while her actions show she may be responding to foreign intelligence services’ interest and not the interest of our great nation. 

Maria Elvira Salazar:

  • Voted for the creation of the January 6 commission;
  • Voted for gun confiscation by a military judge without due process of law (HR8);
  • Voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the education and transportation
  • Used her position to endorse her communist Nicaraguan ex-husband Arturo Cruz Sequeira;
  • Voted to finance and protect the Ukrainian border while refusing to send the troops to our southern border to secure our border; and
  • Voted 38% of the time with Joe Biden’s plan to destroy America.

The list goes on (see more at

My candidature represents a better future for our families, children, America, and freedom as we know it. I was born under the communist Cuban dictatorship and had to escape on a raft 28 years ago. This great nation rescued me in the strait of Florida when I was dehydrated and at risk of dying; therefore, I am in eternal debt to this nation. I certainly do not want you or your family to experience what I lived to be free. I understand why and how communists have infiltrated our institutions and the Republican Party in Miami Dade, but more importantly, I understand how to stop them. 

I support:

  • The America First Agenda;
  • Our Veterans & Police Officers;
  • The Protection of the 1st Amendment;
  • The Protection of our 2nd Amendment;
  • Schools Free From Indoctrination;
  • Fighting Inflation;
  • Border Security & Immigration Reform;
  • Better Education for our Youth;
  • Lower Student Loan Interest;
  • Election Integrity; and
  • Protection of our National Security.

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Please, come out and vote for an authentic republican and not for a two faces socialist pretending to be an anti-communist. Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter.


Frank Polo