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This is not my fight, is the fight of all of us. This is the fight of those who want to leave a better country for their children and grandchildren. The fight of those who don’t want looters to destroy our cities, and RINOs to betray America. This is the fight of those who don’t want a politician that kneels before criminals. We need you to be part of this fight and to help in any possible way.

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We finance our campaign with the generosity of people like you, the voter. We do not pay back favors or finance our campaign with the funds of corporations, which expect something in return. Of which I am proud.

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Sign up, and you will be joining a group of change-makers. We are here to protect the future of our families. More importantly, we are here to prevent the doctrine of communism which we hate so much, from ever touching our lives again. Nothing will be possible without your participation.

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Do you have any questions about our campaign? Please, don’t be shy and call on me, Frank Polo, and I will answer the call. Never has another candidate been as open as me.

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