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"When one officer dies, this is a Picture we hate to see." Frank E. Polo, Sr.


Our First Responders are essential to maintain our communities safe. Therefore, we must respect and honor our First Responders' access to premium benefits. I will stand against any legislation, ordinance, or resolution that would change any defined benefit pension plan to a defined contribution plan. I will not only oppose legislation negatively changing the disability or retirement benefits already in place for the benefit of our First Responders but also, I will fight to improve those benefits that, far away from helping them, harm our First Responders.

Moreover, it is through collective bargaining that our first responders obtain the aforementioned benefits. Consequently, I understand the importance of the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission and the certified bargaining units in the collective bargaining process, and I will oppose any legislation or regulation affecting in any way the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission.


In July 2016, five Dallas police officers were killed in the deadliest incident for law enforcement in the United States since 9/11. In the same month, at least three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and three others injured in a shooting— just hours after the last of the five officers killed in the Dallas case was laid to rest. The list does not stop there.

More recently, we have observed how NYPD cops were attacked by throwing a bucket of water on them. Other Police officers got into a “violent” confrontation with five residents of the Marcy Houses subsidized housing project in Brooklyn throwing water on police. In another incident, police officers responded to a large, out of control party at a low-income housing area.  The alcohol-fueled crowd quickly turned violent and multiple people were arrested, including a 17-year-old thug who “head-butted” one of the responding police officers.  Five of those arrestees have announced that they are suing the police officers, and the press seems to be supporting the criminals.

I will support our Police, firefighters. Our community needs Law and Order, and our officers deserve the utmost respect. Consequently, I will support any legislation that ensures the safety of our first responders and which criminalizes the disrespect to our police officers.


This country is a banner of freedom and progress because of Veterans. Veterans provide safety, no only to our country, but also to the world we live in, and they have earned my respect and the respect of the American People. Therefore, I am committed to supporting every brave American who has served our country. I will work to provide the care and support our Veterans have earned when they leave the service, and I will support any legislation that improves and secures the lives and future of our veterans.