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Florida Congressional District 27 needs a politician that says the truth no matter what, honest, with dignity, compromised with fighting corruption and draining the swamp disregarding the consequence that doing so may carry along. District 27 needs a politician that has a CLEAN track record of fighting against the radical Socialist agenda, and ready to step up to fight for our freedom.

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As an immigrant who came from Cuba on a raft, I understand the pain that immigrants have to go through when they are separated from their house, families and their friends. Immigrants have always been a source of enrichment of our culture, economy, and society in general. Nevertheless, it is imperative to have an ordered and controlled immigration system. Immigration reform will be supported by my office, but we must secure our borders first.

My office will support, at least on a temporary basis, a program for Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, or any other individual who is seeking political asylum for they are victims of a totalitarian regime. Moreover, I will fight to reinstate the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program which was terminated by the Obama administration in 2017. Additionally, I will work on streamlining the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program and I will request the president to end the 20,000 visas granted by the Obama administration which allows the Cuban government to infiltrate their own intelligence personnel into our city.