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                             GUN SAFETY

I do support the second amendment of the constitution, and I will not side with any policy which seeks to infringe on the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Nevertheless, I believe control over mental health issues is necessary for our country. Therefore, we propose to pass legislation to implement a national database that will use a scientific algorithm to grade the mental stability of students at school base on teacher’s impute.

As the child grows, the system would be able to determine the level of risk that this child may represent. In the event of detecting a risk factor, the system will refer the student for psychological or psychiatric evaluation. Once the child reaches the age of 18, the information of those children, with no risk factors, will be removed from the system and the child will not enter into the system unless a professional diagnosis him/her with a psychological or psychiatric disorder which may represent a risk to society in general. In this case, the already adult will be placed back into the system for monitoring and reporting. Nevertheless, the legislation proposed would guarantee the right of this adult to due process before his constitutional 2nd amendment right is removed.

The same system would also be accessible to law enforcement, courts, psychiatric and psychological institutions, and, more importantly, to the Gun Dealers. The latter may not sell weapons to a person who has been identified to have high-risk factors. By doing this, we will prevent access to weapons to mentally ill people and not to the law-abiding citizen