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Florida Congressional District 27 needs a politician that says the truth no matter what, honest, with dignity, compromised with fighting corruption and draining the swamp disregarding the consequence that doing so may carry along. District 27 needs a politician that has a CLEAN track record of fighting against the radical Socialist agenda, and ready to step up to fight for our freedom.

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We have a responsibility to the environment. I am committed to obtaining federal funding to protect our costliness and to maintain our tropical wetlands (the everglades). The agricultural development and water diversion have disrupted the watershed and degraded the environment. We have a real problem with the everglades, which are affected every year by the green algae blooms. We must act in concert with scientists to protect the everglades.

The beaches in Florida represent a very valuable asset for our economy which brings 126.1 million out-of-state visitors every year. Nevertheless, while that is true today, it may not be in the near future if we don’t act now. According to the report "State Coastal Program Effectiveness in Protecting Natural Beaches, Dunes, Bluffs, and Rock Shores"(T. Bernd-Cohen and M. Gordon), approximately 5% of the Florida beaches are eroding, and this erosion has increased to 70.7 miles in comparable periods. Therefore, it is important for us to act now to prevent further erosion of our beaches.