“It is a fact that not all of us can be doctors, dentists, or lawyers; Because not everyone wants to be a doctor, dentist, or lawyer. Therefore, I believe that young generations deserve to have the opportunity to have better-paying jobs, even when they do not live up to the jobs traditionally recognized as well paid.

We will work to provide opportunities for the younger generation, which will become the backbone of our economy, integrating recent high school graduates into the workforce. We will work diligently to encourage the private sector to participate in mentoring and employment programs. Additionally, we will focus on obtaining federal grants to improve the employability of those young adults who have just graduated from high school and did not have the opportunity or did not want to continue a career.

These funds will also be used to help those who graduated from a four (4) year university and cannot find a job in their field of study.

My office will work with the private sector to create new opportunities in the real estate, tax, and transportation industries, to train and employ college dropouts or recent high school teens.”

Frank Polo

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