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As a consequence of the novel coronavirus outbreak, our economy has suffered and will suffer more in the near future. Thousands of jobs were lost and some employers have even reduced the working hours to employees they decided to retain. Therefore, our community needs new ideas on how to bring back jobs and how to improve the work conditions in those we already have. 

The hard-working American people deserve to have a decent living wage. Nevertheless, taxing the rich is not the solution. Common sense dictates that if you tax the rich, they would be forced to pass along the cost of doing business and we will all end up paying more for products and services. We need to bring good-paying jobs to Florida, incentivize the creation of new industries, and new jobs in our cities. Promote our already existing policies which will benefit the Film industry's incursion into the South Florida markets for new productions, and create and implement programs like those outlined hereunder to benefit our local economy.


The U.S. trucking industry is essential for the U.S. economy. This industry accounts for more than 5% of all the full-time jobs in America; nevertheless, truckers themselves earn a lower-than-average wage. Trucking moves 71% of all the freight in America, and nearly 6% of all the full-time jobs in the country are in the trucking industry.
Consequently, my office will support better work conditions, remuneration, and benefits to those truckers that day after day keep our economy running. As part of those efforts to improve the work conditions, my office will implement a plan to seek federal funds for the creation of a nonprofit organization that will promote better pay and benefits for associated truckers. The nonprofit will also be able to lobby for the creation and protection of better work conditions for those in the industry.

Such an organization will compete in the national trucking industry and produce at a lower cost by cutting off the middleman and by keeping in house brokers, dispatch, essential mechanical and body shop services, etc. Savings achieved by this nonprofit will be allocated to the operation of the nonprofit, and to increase the remuneration and benefits to the nonprofit’s members.

Additional funds will be allocated for a training program, which will incentivize the incursion into new careers for young college dropouts or recent high school graduates. Any employment opportunity created by this nonprofit organization, like body shop work, mechanic, insurance agents, etc., would directly benefit the “Opportunity for the Youth” program and will facilitate hiring those adolescents participating in the previously named program.
I will promote legislation to achieve transparency in economic transactions between shipping companies and brokers so that truckers can make a better decision when accepting transporting cargo.

I will promote legislation to achieve transparency in economic transactions between shipping companies and brokers so that truckers can make a better decision when accepting transporting cargo.


It is a fact that not all of us can be doctors, dentists, or lawyers; Because not everyone wants to be a doctor, dentist, or lawyer. Therefore, I believe that young generations deserve to have the opportunity to have better-paying jobs, even when they do not live up to the jobs traditionally recognized as well paid.

We will provide opportunities for the younger generation, which will become the backbone of our economy, integrating recent graduates of high school into the workforce. We will work diligently to do so, encouraging the private sector to participate in mentoring and employment programs. Additionally, we will focus on obtaining federal grants to improve the employability of those young adults who have just graduated from high school and did not have the opportunity or did not want to continue a career. These funds will also be used to help those who graduated from a four (4) year university and cannot find a job in their field of study.

My office will work with the private sector to create new opportunities in the real estate, tax, and transportation industries, to train and employ college dropouts or recent high school teens.