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As a Cuban and as a victim of a communist dictatorship, I have the commitment to denounce and seek sanctions against any dictatorship. The Cuban, Venezuelan, and Nicaraguan governments are just that, dictatorships. Other countries, such as Argentina, have already fallen under the grip of unscrupulous socialist movements such as the one led by Cristina Fernandez. Since 1959, all the ills of the Americas have originated in Cuba and expand to the Americas. My office will maintain a solid commitment to the final freedom of Cuba and these other countries that are victims of Cuba's influence in the Region, including Nicaragua, Venezuela, Argentina, and Bolivia.

                                                                            CULTURAL EXCHANGE:

The so-called “Cultural Exchange,” is disadvantageous for our local artists and it is immoral for a suffering people who have lived under a dictatorship for more than sixty (60) years. The cultural exchange facilitates the entry of foreign currency to the Cuban Dictatorship, the infiltration of Cuban agents in our country, and enriches the Cuban Government’s repressive machinery. Therefore, I will work tirelessly to eliminate the evil mistakenly called “Cultural Exchange.”


During my first year at the congress, I will advocate for an official declaration of the United States government naming Cuba a threat to the national security of the United States, once this is achieved I will seek to extend a one-time proposal for conditional temporary amnesty to the dictatorship of Cuba and all its agents of repression, asking for them to leave the island of Cuba in a peaceful manner. However, this temporary amnesty will include only the forgiveness of their life while they leave and will not include the forgiveness of crimes against humanity. If any of them, or their relatives, return to the island, they will be taken to court to be tried for their illegal entry, and for any pending crime against humanity. If this conditioned amnesty is not accepted, then, I will advocate for other extreme measures to be taken according to the danger the dictatorship represents to our country, the USA.

                                                    CUBA AS A THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY:

The Cuban dictatorship promotes terrorist activities throughout the Americas region. The large migratory flows of recent years have been consequences of the influence of Cuba in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and the entire region. Additionally, the Cuban Dictatorship has promoted, maneuvered, and supported the exodus of Cubans through third countries. Cuba has found channels to continue an exodus which allows them to remain in power and to oppress the Cuban people. Consequently, the Cuban dictatorship represents a threat to the stability of the region, and therefore a threat to the national security of our country.

                                                            REMITTANCE AND TRAVEL TO CUBA:

The Cuban dictatorship must receive additional sanctions that will not affect the right of each Cuban abroad to provide for their families and to visit them, as long as it is within what is considered normal but not abusive. Therefore, I will promote a governmental policy towards Cuban’s trips to the island, which will limit traveling to the island to one annual trip, as a right, and two additional trips due to family emergencies, which would be channeled through the International Red Cross. Remittances will be adjusted according to the real needs of the relatives on the island to avoid excessive capital support to the Cuban dictatorship from exiled Cubans.

                                                                           CUBAN RETURNEES

The so-called “Returnees” return to live in Cuba and decided to take a standard of living that is not affordable or available to the oppressed people who have suffered the onslaught of the Cuban dictatorship for more than sixty (60) yeas. When those Returnees go back to Cuba, they are able to retain Social security benefits paid with our tax money, and they are able to travel to and do business in the United States of North America while the Cuban People struggle to survive. That kind of immoral and deceitful acts should not be tolerated while the Cuban people are not free. Therefore, I will promote the creation of legislation or regulation of the state department, to prohibit the entry of these people who have repatriated themselves after obtaining migratory benefits available only to those fleeing from a communist dictatorship such as Cuba’s.


My office will support, at least on a temporary basis, a parole program for Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, Argentineans, or any other victims who are seeking political asylum from the USA. Moreover, I will fight to reinstate the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program which was terminated by the Obama administration in 2017. Additionally, I will work on streamlining the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program and I will request the president to end the 20,000 visas granted by the Clinton administration in 1995, which facilitates the Cuban government to infiltrate their intelligence personnel into our city. Additional methods to facilitate visa access to political refugees would be study and implemented. 

                                      INTERNET ACCESS AND TV/RADIO MARTÍ BROADCAST:

New times require new strategies. Consequently, it is time for TV and Radio Marti to be transmitted to the island in a more effective manner. After thirty-four (34) years of transmissions or TV and Radio Marti, Cuba remains one of the world’s most repressive environments for information and communication technologies. Consequently, my office will promote the use of new methods to introduce into Cuba free Internet and effective broadcast of Radio/TV Marti programming for every Cuban. The Cuban people deserve free access to information.